WaxWorx Custom Fabrication uses the same Custom workshop that does work for clients like Sony Corp., Bose, Disney, Dreamworks, CNN and Fox...
You know it better be good!

Our custom workshop team uses the newest lasers, welders, metal working equipment and precision test equipment to quickly fabricate what you need when you need it.

Custom Punched, Loaded & Engraved Wall Plates & Panels




Available Wallplate Styles: Clear or Black Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass & Nylon (Nylon in White, Ivory Black & Brown) Standard EIA Rack panel Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Space Laser Engraving: Laser Engraving is available for several materials and sizes of rack panels and wall plates. Clear Anodized wall plates and panels are not compatible, but adhesive or plastic laminate may be applied instead. YOUR LOGO may also be engraved with customer provided CAD drawing, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw file. Please Note: The logo file must be a Vector graphic which can be converted to outlines. Connectors: All plates can be loaded with your choice of Switchcraft, Neutrik, Canare or Hirose connectors, or send us yours and we'll load it. Labeling: All plates available with P-Touch labels. The Industry's Quickest Turn-Around! [title text="How to Order or Receive a Quick Quote:" align="left" line="true"] 1. Provide the following: A fully labeled CAD drawn, computer drawn or hand drawn layout of desired wall plate size along with connector types and connector location.

Custom Milbank Enclosures


New Customized Wall Boxes From The Metal Shop!

CMB-M23626LE CMB-M23627LE
Milbank Wall Boxes are fast becoming popular because these are the standard found in both industrial and commercial facilities throughout the country. With the added touch of our world famous connectorized panels from our metal shop, you’ve got a sure thing. These super high quality boxes are UL approved electrical boxes that meet the Industry Standards UL 50 - Type1; NEMA Type1, CUL -Type1 (Equivalent to CSA). Available in sizes from 8x12 to 48x48, these professional wall boxes include a locking panel access door to keep your panel secure. Precut knockouts are compatible with standard box connectors (Romex, BX etc), conduit or grommets. Knockouts on all sides offer convenient I/O for the full complement of structured wiring cables. Standard assemblies are ANSI 61 gray polyester powder coating over phosphatized G90U galvanized steel. Perfect for indoor applications on stages, in studios, for telephone cabinets, control rooms and auditoriums. Boxes are quoted using Black Anodized panels. Custom engraved panels designed for customers specific interface needs. Flush or surface mount as well as weatherproof models available.

Custom Cable Reels

MKR-4NEW [one_third]JackReel-4 RAVR-1PL
Our Custom Shop has the ability to customize a variety of cable reels to suit almost any need. Whether you are running audio, video or data lines, we are your cable reel source. Let our custom manufacturing team design your reel today!

Custom Laser Engraved Rack Panels

Our manufacturing department utilizes a state-of-the-art laser engraver to produce the finest labeling on panels, wallplates and more! Generate a unique identity for commercial, retail and residential installs.