Tired of going into your local music store and not having any choices when it comes to buying your cables?

What kind of choices do you have you ask?

How about choices of color, length, and any ends you want!

Why have a different color microphone cable you ask?

waxworx-adAt the end of the gig when you wrap up your mic cable, wouldn’t it be cool if your cable was Red instead of Black, so your band mate doesn’t argue with you saying that its his cable? Or maybe Purple? How about Green?
Choose between Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and White!
Not enough? Gray and Brown available as well for special order!

Maybe you’re the Sound guy, and you are tired of tracing the cables back to the mixing board.
If everyone in the band has a different color, wouldn’t it be easier to know who belongs to what cable?

Maybe you’re an engineer in a recording studio, and recording multiple tracks like drums. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Kick had a Red cable, the Snare was Green, the Hi Hats had a Yellow cable and… well I think you get the picture!
OK, so you get the choices thing! Not only do you have choices here, but the choices bring you excellent quality in your cable needs as well. No crap cables with crap ends. Canare is our cable of choice here at WaxWorx, and Neutrik is our connector of choice for almost all cable ends. Canare cables made in Japan, Neutrik connectors made in Germany, and all precision hand assembled here in the United States!

Did I forget to say that all WaxWorx cables come with a lifetime warranty?
Well they do! If for some reason any of our Custom WaxWorx cables fail, do to a faulty solder connection, just send it to us, or drop it off at our assembly plant and we will either fix it for you, or replace it free of charge.

If you purchased the cable online and had it shipped to you, you are responsible for return shipping to us.

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